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The server is online!



Hey, LGKeiz here,

It has been 11 long years since LegacyGamers shut down, however for 3 weeks only we will be back just in time for Christmas.
Starting today (Christmas Eve 12/24/2020) we will be bringing back your nostalgic childhood experience with all the original LG content that you loved! Sponsored by iGunZ!


  • 25 original BGM songs, with the ability to change them on demand. (/nextsong, /prevsong)
  • Original interface, with some cosmetic updates.
  • Original LG maps.
  • Original item sets, with 0 bounty, 0 level requirement.
  • iGunZ based client, which includes all the quality of life changes and features/security provided by them (ingame voice chat as an example)
  • Special narrated voices ingame by yours truly.

And a lot more!


https://discord.gg/Ykz2eRpJxT (LegacyGamers)

https://discord.gg/zY4S5hVaUZ (iGunZ)


Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zuybwQiV7RgSeuFuglgdD9sUj_Nu8oe1/view?usp=sharing
Direct: https://igunz.net/download/iGunZ%20-%20LegacyGamers%20Special.msi

How do I register?

We added ingame registration, just click "Register" on the login screen ingame.


I missed you all so much! I hope you can come and play, and enjoy while the event is available for these short weeks, if this is successful, we will do this again in the future